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Mobile App
Education accessible from everywhere
Complete functionality of eduCATE, all in a mobile app. Stay connected and updated to all course content and materials on a mobile device
Mobile App
Mobile Access
Flexibility is a crucial component of a digital education. Educators can maintain an uninterrupted curriculum by preparing for the unexpected. eduCATE’s mobile app is downloadable for both iOS and Android devices, providing more options for programs to use to Increase overall functionality. Whether it be sickness, computer crashes, or a global pandemic, educators know that being prepared for the unexpected can save a lot of stress.
Mobile App
Full Functionality
eduCATE’s mobile app offers the same functionality as the desktop app. It is designed to offer maximum performance and availability on a mobile device.
Increased Flexibility
If the computer crashes or other unexpected technology issues arise, students can often use their mobile device until the issue is resolved. eduCATE’s mobile functionality allows these students to remain involved in class during the interim.
Compatible with any devices that have iOS or Android installed.
Mobile Phones in the Modern Classroom

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in learning. Educators are using technology to engage students with material and the use of social media and polls during class has been a popular way of incorporating this technology.

Mobile devices also play an important role in accessibility for distance learners. Access to computers and internet can be an obstacle for students, and the use of a mobile app is a huge step forward in reaching more students. In general, if a student’s computer crashes or internet goes out, the mobile device can be a great backup. Additionally,  students can more easily engage with their classes while they are away from their computer, engaging in a class discussion or messaging instructors while commuting or when unexpected events arise.

As distance learning grows in popularity, mobile devices are a crucial technology to consider. eduCATE as a whole aims to make quality and robust educational tools accessible for students and educators in every situation. 

Mobile App
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Find out how eduCATE can improve your program\’s classroom management with customizable community tools, powerful grading options, a flexible and intuitive mobile app.
Mobile App