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Integrating students and educators together to create a learning community
eMedley’s Learning Management System with expansive integrations for all education programs
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Course Feed







eduCATE was one of the first systems to utilize a feed style. This user-friendly approach has since become increasingly popular. 

Integrated Course Feed

Students see materials from all of their classes in one integrated feed, providing quick access to all the course content in a single interface.

Section Management


Instructors manage materials by section, seeing the course feed for each section individually.

Course Feed Interaction


Students and instructors can interact with posts & course materials directly within the feed.


Keep students up-to-date and on schedule with eduCATE’s calendar that not only displays upcoming events or deadlines but provides reminders as well.

eCurriculum-integrated Calendar

When integrated with eCurriculum, the calendar also automatically displays events for associated sessions so that users can view it on eduCATE with their sections. 


Full functionality mobile application for students to participate anytime, anywhere.

Grading and Attendance





Instant Feedback

Instructors and students can see student scores immediately upon completion for automatically graded assignments. 

Grade Controls

Take full control of student grades by setting curves for assignments, setting grade adjustments, and manually overriding student grades.

Assign Graders

Set any faculty member to grade any number of assignments.

Attendance Tracking

Track attendance with user-friendly module which can be customized to track by day or by class session.

Data Reporting

Generate exportable reports to track student grades or grades across sections to gain targeted data insights.

Calculated Grades

Use formulas to calculate grades for columns in the gradebook.

Rubric Grading

Grade homework assignments quickly and easily using custom integrated rubrics.

Grading Scales

Set custom grading scales so that the gradebook can automatically assign final grades based on students’ scores.

Exams Integration

Assign, track, and score student exams and quizzes within the Gradebook with examN+.

Evaluations Integration

Integrate eValuate to automatically track and score completed evaluations in the Gradebook.






Internal messaging


Messaging is available within eduCATE, offering a secure, convenient option.


Share section-wide announcements with a custom selection of users. Include files, attachments, and links


Host discussions in eduCATE, offering another way to increase class interaction and collaboration. 

* B = Basic Functionality, A = Advanced Functionality

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